I am currently tattooing in the Ballard district of Seattle at a private studio. My tattooing process is machine-free and vegan. I offer free color tests for BIPOC, and people with sensitive skin.

To request an appointment, email me at upsidefrown.sm@gmail.com. Please include in your email the following information.

Your first and last name, your pronouns, desired flash or custom design, and approximate size in inches. If known, please let me know your desired placement, and budget if you have one. Additionally, do you have any allergies, health, or accessibility concerns? Is this your first tattoo? Feel free to include any other information you would like me to know or questions for me.

In order to secure your appointment and design, a $30 or $50 deposit is required when booking, which goes towards the overall cost of your tattoo. ($50 deposit for custom bookings include drawing fee). I charge a sliding scale hourly rate and offer a discounted rate for qtpoc if desired.

I am committed to creating a safe space where racism, homophobia, sexism or any otherwise bigoted and harmful attitudes will not be tolerated.